Yesterday evening, 14 March 2020, Royal Decree 463/2020 was published and entered into force, declaring a state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19. As usual, Confialia Business Consultants has prepared a summary.

The Government published yesterday, the Government's measures to protect the health and safety of citizens, contain the progression of the disease and strengthen the public health system.

Confialia's clients will receive specific recommendations by sector. Each one of them, and almost every company in particular, needs to carry out different actions.

During the state of alarm, the freedom of movement of persons is restricted. It will only be possible to circulate on public roads for the following activities:

a) Procurement of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities.

b) Attendance at health centres, services and establishments.

c) Travel to the place of work to carry out his employment, professional or business activities.

(d) Return to the place of habitual residence.

e) Assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents and persons with disabilities or particularly vulnerable persons.

f) Travel to financial and insurance institutions.

(g) For reasons of force majeure or necessity.

h) Any other activity of a similar nature to be carried out individually, unless accompanied by persons with disabilities or for other justified reasons.

Suspension, during the state of alarm, of the opening to the public of retail premises and establishments, except for:
  • Retail outlets for food, beverages, basic goods and products
  • Pharmaceutical, medical, optical and orthopaedic establishments, hygiene products
  • Hairdressers, newspapers and stationery, automotive fuel, tobacconists, technology and telecommunications equipment.
  • Pet food, internet, telephone or mail order trade, dry cleaners and laundries.

Therefore, many companies may be able to carry out their activity because they are not prohibited from doing so. However, many will not be able to source goods to carry out their activity, as the commercial activity of their suppliers may not exist. Attention, it is the RETAIL trade that is prohibited, not the WHOLESALE trade.

The opening to the public of museums, archives, libraries, monuments, as well as the premises and establishments in which public shows, sports and leisure activities listed in the annex to the royal decree are held is suspended.

Hotel and catering activities are suspended. Only home delivery services may be provided.

The Government gives him the status of an agent of the authority of the members of the Armed Forces. In accordance with the third additional provision of Law 39/2007, of 19 November, on the Military Career, in relation to Articles 15.3 and 16 e) of Organic Law 5/2005, of 17 November, on National Defence, members of the Armed Forces in the exercise of the functions provided for in this Royal Decree shall have the status of agents of authority.

List of facilities and activities whose opening to the public is suspended in accordance with Article 10(3)
  • Museums.
  • Archives.
  • Libraries.
  • Monuments.
  • Public performances.
  • Leisure and entertainment:
    • Café-entertainment.
    • Circuses. Exhibition venues.
    • Party rooms. Restaurant-entertainment.
    • Other premises or facilities assimilable to the above.
  • Cultural and artistic:
    • Auditoriums. Cinemas. Bullfighting arenas, venues and facilities.

    • Other enclosures and facilities:

    • Congress halls. Concert halls, conference halls, exhibition halls, multi-purpose halls, theatres.

  • Sports
    • Enclosed premises or enclosures.

    • Football, rugby, baseball and similar fields, basketball, handball, volleyball and similar fields.

    • Clay pigeon, clay pigeon and similar shooting ranges. Shooting galleries. Tennis courts and similar.

    • Rinks for skating, ice hockey, roller hockey and the like. Swimming pools. Boxing, wrestling, judo and similar venues.

    • Permanent circuits for motorbikes, cars and similar.

    • Velodromes. Hippodromes, racecourses and similar. Frontons, trinquet courts, squash courts and the like.

    • Sports centres. Bowling alleys and similar. Billiard halls and similar. Gymnasiums. Athletics tracks. Stadiums. Other premises, facilities or activities assimilable to the aforementioned.

Open spaces and public roads:
  • Running routes for foot races, cycling, motorcycling, motor racing and similar events.
  • Motocross, trial and similar courses. Nautical trials and exhibitions. Aeronautical trials and exhibitions.
  • Other premises, installations or activities assimilable to the above.
Recreational dance activities:

Discotheques and dance halls. Youth halls.


Premises or enclosures, without spectators, intended for the practice of sports and recreational activities for public use, in any of its modalities.

Gaming and betting:

Casinos. Establishments for collective gambling and games of chance. Gaming parlours. Amusement arcades. Raffles and raffles. Other premises and facilities assimilable to those of recreational activity of games and betting in accordance with the provisions of the sectorial regulations on gambling. Specific betting premises.

Cultural and leisure activities:

Amusement parks, fairs and similar. Water parks. Fair booths. Zoological parks. Children's playgrounds. Open areas and public thoroughfares: Festivals, parades and popular festivals or folkloric manifestations.

Leisure and entertainment:

Special bars: Bars without live music performances. Bars with live music performances.

Hotel and catering:

Taverns and wine cellars. Cafeterias, bars, coffee bars and the like. Chocolate shops, ice-cream parlours, tea rooms, croissant shops and the like. Restaurants, self-service restaurants and the like. Bar-restaurants Bars and restaurants in hotels, except for serving their guests. Banqueting halls Terraces

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