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There are different types of problems that can affect a worker. Among them we can find the problems with the Social Security: for example, we could be talking about the recognition or denial of an incapacity for work.

Disability Lawyers

If you have difficulties or are unable to work as a result of an accident or illness, our labor law firm will fight to obtain the maximum degree of disability according to your needs.

Lawyer specializing in labor disability

  • Disability
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Temporary disability
  • Absolute disability
  • Total disability
  • Partial disability

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    We are the labor counseling for workers you need.

    Work accident lawyer

    Have you had an accident at work or on the way to work? Our team of labor lawyers in Palma de Mallorca will listen to your case and treat it in a completely personalized way.

    Attorneys specializing in work-related accidents

    If you are a salaried employee (employed by others) and you have a bodily injury as a direct consequence of your employment, we will be dealing with an accident at work which, in addition to possible penalties for the employer, will entitle you to receive a benefit and possible compensation.

    Lawyer sick leave

    If an employee is unfit for work, whether due to an accident, common or occupational disease, a sick leave must be arranged.

    Contact with us so that one of our labor lawyers in Mallorca can advise you in the processing of a sick leave.

    Our expert dismissal lawyers will advise you.

    There are three types of dismissal in our legal system, depending on the reasons justifying the dismissal.

    • If the dismissal is based on an alleged breach by the employee, it is a disciplinary dismissal.
    • If the dismissal is based on economic causes (ETOP), it will be an objective dismissal.
    • If the dismissal affects a certain number of people, it is a collective dismissal.
    • All of the above may be classified as appropriate, inappropriate or null and void.

    Lawyer disciplinary dismissal

    Have you received a letter of dismissal and you are not satisfied? Do you believe that your rights have been violated? Most dismissals do not comply with the required formalities. Contact us at Contact us to ask one of our labor lawyers to help you get the maximum compensation.

    Lawyer objective dismissal

    The company has been forced to dismiss you for reasons beyond your control. These causes can be economic, technical, organizational or productive. In this case, you must be compensated with an amount equivalent to 20 days of salary per year worked. If you have any doubts contact our labor lawyer.

    Collective dismissal lawyer

    If a large number of employees have been affected by a dismissal, the company must comply with certain procedures. When an objective dismissal affects 10% (or more) of the company's employees, you must receive compensation within specific deadlines.

    Lawyer for fair, unfair or invalid dismissal

    Only a judge can classify a dismissal as fair, unfair and null and void.

    Lawyer fair dismissal

    The dismissal will be fair when the judge understands that all the procedures and rights have been respected.

    Lawyer wrongful dismissal

    If the judge declares the dismissal unjustified, the employer must choose between reinstatement of the employee (paying wages for all the months that the procedure has lasted) or pay compensation of 33 days per year worked.

    Lawyer null dismissal

    If the judge considers that fundamental rights have been violated, he will declare the dismissal null and void and the employee will be reinstated in the company, receiving the salaries not paid during the time the proceedings have lasted.

    Contact a labor lawyer in Palma de Mallorca.

    Labor law attorney services

    Our team of labor lawyers in Palma de Mallorca has extensive experience that makes it possible to attend with the highest levels of quality to all our clients in a wide range of legal situations among which we highlight the following:

    • Strike
    • Mobbing

    • Reduction of working hours
    • Unemployment benefits
    • Labor sanctions
    • Illegal assignment of workers

    Labor conciliation lawyers

    If you have difficulty balancing your personal and professional life, there may be some options that allow you to reduce your working hours by requesting transfers or other types of measures.

    The labor law firm you were looking for.

    Labor law firms

    At Confialia we have a team of more than 30 professionals specialized in different branches of law and other fields. In this way, we can offer our clients a comprehensive service covering the best solution from different points of view. We count with labor lawyers, criminal lawyers, social graduates, economists, tax lawyers, etc.

    Labor legal advice

    In our office we have extensive experience advising and accompanying the client. With the help of new technologies, we keep in close contact with our clients so that they are informed at all times of the process.

    We have an employee lawyer ready to help you.

    Labor harassment lawyer

    You have the right to respect for your private dignity and not to be discriminated against because of your race, ethnicity, age, disability, religion or belief. Nor may you be discriminated against because of your gender or sexual orientation. Such conduct constitutes the essence of workplace and/or sexual harassment.

    Lawyer specialized in labor harassment

    If you have identified yourself with any of the above casuistry contact us so that one of our labor law lawyers can help you.

    Lawyers specialized in labor mobbing

    If in your job you have to endure hostile or humiliating acts, psychological violence or any other degrading treatment, it is possible that you are a victim of mobbing at work, which may even have criminal penalties.

    Our specialized labor lawyers will offer you a completely personalized service.

    Labor Lawyer Social Security

    Social Security and its dependent agencies are responsible, among other things, for affiliation, contribution and collection systems; but even more important is the duty to recognize and maintain economic benefits such as unemployment benefits and/or the recognition of disabilities.

    Social Security Lawyers

    If you have to receive any assistance or benefit from the Mutual Insurance Companies or the Social Security, contact us and we will advise you.

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