Are you looking for a real estate lawyer in Mallorca?

Confialia is a professional law firm founded in 1994 that has real estate lawyers in Palma de Mallorca who can defend you in all types of criminal cases. In addition, we have more than 25 years of experience in advising and representing our clients in any legal problem they may have with the justice system.

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Therefore, our main objective as real estate lawyers in Mallorca is always to help all the people who come to our office and who want to buy and/or sell their property or real estate. We take care of all the formalities for both the buyer and the seller:

  • Lawyer purchase and sale of real estate
  • Purchase option contracts
  • Leases
  • Farm exchanges
  • Real estate operations
  • Inheritance of real estate
  • Timeshare
  • Transfer of premises

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    The real estate law firm in Mallorca you are looking for.

    Our lawyers will advise you on all rights and obligations relating to both urban and rural real estate, taking into account and solving registration aspects (charges, mortgages and / or "occupants"), notary, urban law and ultimately assuming the entire process of buying and selling from the first offer to the closing of the transaction.

    Lawyer purchase of real estate

    We intervene in the first steps to buy a property: We prepare earnest money contracts (confirmatory, penal and penitential), reservation contracts, purchase option or any contract that best suits your needs, without forgetting of course the tax obligations.

    Our lawyers will negotiate with the other party and close the best possible price.

    Lawyer specializing in the purchase and sale of real estate

    We collect all the necessary documentation, find out the reference value, detect risks, cancel mortgages, accompany you or assist you on your behalf to the notary's office and take care of the registration and settlement of taxes.

    Lawyer for sale of real estate

    We coordinate with the buyer, review their actions and participate in the conception of the contracts; we also attend the notary's office and supervise the entire process from beginning to end.

    Do you need the services of a real estate lawyer in Mallorca?

    Property lawyers

    We have experience in the sale and purchase of different types of properties: homes, warehouses, premises, garages and any other type of real estate. We have a good knowledge of the Balearic real estate market. Our contacts allow us to be up to date with the best offers and opportunities.

    Lawyers specialized in buying and selling auctions

    We analyze and search for the best opportunities. We periodically consult the auctioned properties, debug the risks and select the best offers for our clients.

    Home purchase and sale lawyer

    Properties are an essential and major part of the real estate market. As such, we are experts in buying and selling homes throughout the Balearic Islands. Leave the management of the purchase or sale of your property in the hands of our expert real estate lawyers at all times.

    The best real estate lawyers in Palma.

    The contracts in the different real estate operations are of vital importance since they regulate all the previous and strictly necessary aspects for the good end of the sale and purchase. Some of these contracts are:

    • Deposit agreement (confirmatory, penal or penitential)
    • Contract with option to purchase
    • Reservation contract
    • Swap contract

    Lawyer for earnest money contracts

    The earnest money contract, in any of its modalities, must have as a reference a specific contract of sale in which the object and the price are specified. Depending on your needs, we will inform and advise you on the type of earnest money that best suits you.

    Lawyer for confirmatory earnest money contract

    If you want to give more guarantee to the existence of your contract, contact our lawyers to make a confirmatory earnest money contract.

    Lawyer for criminal earnest money contract

    Do you want to define an amount as a guarantee in case of default? Contact our lawyers to draw up a penal deposit contract.

    Lawyer for penitential deposit contract

    If you want to have the option to withdraw from the contract, contact our lawyers to make a confirmatory earnest money contract.

    Lawyer for contracts with option to purchase

    Normally we refer to a lease with option to buy in which the tenant may acquire the property under certain conditions (for example, the payment of a premium within a specific period of time). Our lawyers are involved in advising and drafting the contract whether you are a buyer or a seller.

    Contact a real estate lawyer in Palma de Mallorca.

    Online real estate lawyers

    We offer service exclusively online. We process powers of attorney to act on your behalf and take all the necessary steps from the offer to the purchase or sale. Thanks to our technology, you will be able to follow step by step the status of your process.

    Free real estate lawyer consultation

    Contact one of our expert real estate lawyers by e-mail or by telephone so that they can inform you free of charge about the procedures to sell or buy your property.

    We have the best real estate lawyers in Palma.

    Lawyers specializing in leases

    Our lawyers will accompany you at all times with all issues related to the rental of your property. We are experts in:

    • Lease of Housing
    • Lease of Premises
    • Seasonal Lease
    • Old Rental Lease
    • Lease of subsidized housing
    • Rent of room (Right of room)

    Lawyers specialized in urban leases

    Understanding as urban leasing all the above mentioned cases, our lawyers will advise you and prepare all the types of contracts mentioned above, always looking after your interests.

    Lawyers specializing in residential rentals

    The use of real estate for residential purposes has certain rules that must be followed. Our lawyers are familiar with these rules and will assist you with your residential lease.

    Lawyers specialized in rental contracts

    It is of vital importance to define well the clauses in your lease contract to avoid future problems and to make the relationship between lessor and lessee as comfortable as possible.

    Lawyers specialized in leasing contracts

    There are different types of leases. Our lawyers will assist you in the preparation of all types of leases.

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