Continuous growth.

Confialia Asesores de Empresa is a tax, accounting, labour and legal consultancy, which aims to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness in the business environment and administrative modernisation, from the perspective of continuous improvement, innovation and quality in management.

A professional strategy whose main objective is always the satisfaction of our clients through the quality and efficiency of our services.


Our mission

To offer the best solution to the customer's problems.

To clarify their doubts, anticipate their needs, provide ideas to optimise the tax, accounting, labour and legal management of their business or assets, and maintain a close professional relationship with them, always based on accessibility, transparency and continuous communication.

Our firm wants to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness in the market and to the administrative modernisation of our clients through innovation and quality in management.

Ongoing training and the continuous renewal of our services through the application of cutting-edge technology guarantee the company's professionalism and competence.

Our values.

Transparency, foresight, speed, planning, application of new technologies, honesty, mutual respect, responsibility, good image, teamwork, ...


in all actions




with all services


to what may happen

Meet the team.


Germán Pérez

Founding Partner and CEO

As a lawyer and tax advisor, I help companies and professionals to achieve their financial goals. Utopia defines me, I try to achieve difficult goals and I am proud to do so because I am convinced that these goals also benefit our clients; dreaming at Confialia for more than 25 years.


Marga Carrasco

Partner and Head of Accounting

I manage a broad portfolio of clients, some of them for more than 2 decades. As a graduate in business administration, I am specialised in the entire accounting cycle and the tax and commercial obligations of companies. As head of this area, I help our clients to make decisions with the best possible information.


Jose Alonso

Senior Administration Officer, Assistant to Management

With more than 20 years of experience in customer service. I am an expert in administrative, accounting and commercial matters, taxation of non-residents and international clients. I am convinced that only teamwork can achieve high levels of excellence.


Elena Alomar

Taxation and Fiscal Officer

I am an expert in corporate and personal taxation and I have a degree in Business Administration and Business Management. I am one of those people who do not accept not understanding something and therefore, I go to the bottom of all issues that are in my area of responsibility.


Visi Marín

Head of the Labour Department

For me, the quality, attention and anticipation of the service is paramount. As a Social Graduate, I empathise with my clients' problems and always look for the best option to solve them with a perfect balance between the various options offered by current legislation. My years of experience give me security and confidence.


Raquel Martín

Senior Accounting-Financial Officer

I specialise in the entire accounting and taxation process of companies, including those sectors that are subject to special regulations. I have a degree in business administration and I always try to offer clients appropriate solutions to the problems that certain accounting or tax aspects may pose to their business activities.


Teresa García

Labour Area Officer

I know that life is full of surprises and we have to learn to live with them, so I try with organisation and responsibility to keep surprises to a minimum in the workplace and I try to ensure that they affect customers as little as possible.


Camellia Jacota

Senior Accounting-Financial Officer

I am specialised in tax and accounting management for self-employed and companies, with extensive experience in tax campaigns (personal income tax, company tax, annual accounts, etc.). As a graduate in economics, I know the difficulties involved in changing country, but I also know that with effort and tenacity it is possible to adapt to any challenge.


Silvia Gimenez

Administration-Front Office Manager

After all the years of experience in the reception and customer service department, I have developed a special predisposition and ability to solve problems. I strive to transmit confidence and security to my clients.


Xavier Arteaga


Curious by nature, I try to be at the forefront of legislative developments. I am rigorous, non-conformist and resolute. I will always look for the best way to solve your problem, without taking no for an answer.


Rafael Domingo

Portfolio Manager

I specialise in the internal organisation of companies and how they should communicate both internally and externally. I believe that service quality is the first value to be taken into account. I define myself as a problem solver. I have a degree in Business Administration and Law, which allows me to find effective and efficient solutions to the problems that arise.


Toni Matas

Economist - Tax Advisor

I specialise in the taxation of both private and public companies. I use technology to make my work more effective, practical and closer to what clients demand.


Carmen Felgueras

Accounting-Financial Officer

I define myself as methodical, orderly and with special attention to the scheduling of tasks in order to make the whole accounting and tax cycle during the year as smooth as possible for both our organisation and that of our clients.


Maria Salas

Oficial Área Fiscal

El ritmo está muy presente en mi vida y aprovecho esa circunstancia para que mi vida laboral también se vea beneficiada de ello. Contribuyo con mi trabajo a que el departamento fiscal cumpla con los objetivos planteados.


Vicente García

Systems Administrator

I like rules and I like to follow them. I think they are essential for teams to function. Perhaps that is why I am passionate about IT and its language. I participate with my training in the development of Confialia and I work to create technological solutions for the needs of the different departments.


Didac Pérez

Transformación Digital

Siempre con la ayuda de la tecnología, intento facilitar el día a día de mis compañeros, agilizo y automatizo los procesos de la empresa y genero los datos necesarios para aportar valor a la empresa.


Artur Celeste


Soy una persona inquieta y proactiva, con habilidades destacadas en el análisis de negocios, disfruto proponiendo ideas innovadoras para el crecimiento empresarial. Mi experiencia como emprendedor ha nutrido mi capacidad para gestionar proyectos de manera eficiente y creativa.


Juan Bover

Oficial Área Informática

Con una formación y experiencia en el sector informático y tecnológico, poseo la capacidad de desarrollar soluciones prácticas y enfrentar los desafíos técnicos del día a día. Apasionado por la tecnología y comprometido con el aprendizaje y la mejora constante de uno mismo.


Nadal Garí

Oficial Área Fiscal

Me oriento hacia el cumplimiento normativo y la eficiencia financiera. Me dedico a gestionar y optimizar los procesos tributarios y contables de nuestros clientes.


Andrea Martín

Oficial Área Contable

Mi misión es mantener la integridad financiera de las empresas. Desde la gestión de registros hasta la generación de informes financieros precisos. Me dedico a garantizar la transparencia y el cumplimiento de normativas contables.


Mar Pol

Oficial Área Contable

Con una amplia experiencia en ADE, lidero la gestión integral de la contabilidad y obligaciones fiscales de diversas empresas. Mi objetivo es proporcionar a nuestros clientes la claridad financiera necesaria para tomar decisiones informadas y rentables.


Esperança Bibiloni

Labour Area Officer

Gestiono y coordino todas las funciones relacionadas con la administración de personal y el cumplimiento de la normativa laboral en diversas empresas. Mi objetivo es asegurar un entorno laboral armonioso y eficiente garantizando el cumplimiento de las leyes laborales.


Paola Bergero

Auxiliar Área Administración / Contable-Financiera

Me encargo de apoyar la gestión de las operaciones contables y administrativas de diversas empresas. Realizo tareas que garantizan la precisión y eficiencia en los procesos financieros, proporcionando información clara y oportuna para la toma de decisiones estratégicas.

Our offices.

Palma de Mallorca

Street Nuredduna, 19 1int.
Palma de Mallorca, 07006

Coll de'n Rabassa

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Palma de Mallorca, 07007


Carrer de l'Estel, 2
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