We are the accounting consultancy in Mallorca for companies you were looking for.

Confialia Asesores de Empresa is a professional firm founded in 1994 that has a multidisciplinary team composed of specialists in accounting, taxation and economics. They and more than 25 years of experience in the world of business consulting allow us to solve any incidence in your business always with high levels of quality.

Accounting consultancy for companies and freelancers in Palma de Mallorca

We have customized solutions to meet the needs of each client. For this reason, it does not matter if you represent a large company, a society or a micro-company; together we will build the service that best suits your reality.

Accounting advisory services for companies, SMEs and self-employed professionals.

Our accounting advisors will monitor your activity on a daily basis in order to provide you with advice based on real data. Thanks to our internal management system, we are able to detect small anomalies in your company and advise you on the different options you have.

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    Accounting advisory services in Mallorca provided by specialists

    Always starting with a first meeting, we listen to your needs and, once the profile has been made, we propose the services that best suit you and your business. These are some of our services:

    • Economic and financial reports
    • Preparation and legalization of official books
    • Review of supplier, creditor and customer balances
    • Payments and collections pending to be justified
    • Feasibility analysis
    • Valuation of companies
    • VAT registration
    • Control of pending items

    We help you with accounting planning in Mallorca

    A good accounting planning is essential to be able to draw a roadmap of your company and to be able to assess if you are going in the right direction. Let our accountants in Palma de Mallorca help you to define objectives and the business plan in the short, medium and long term. We accompany you in the opening and closing of the fiscal year in order to be able to make a better follow-up during the same.

    Visualize your income statement in real time

    Thanks to our innovative Confialia Connect tool, you can access your income statement at any time. It is worth mentioning that all data shown has passed through the advice and accounting supervision of one of our experts.

    Optimization of accounting entries

    Understanding as accounting entry any record made by a company of any movement or transaction within the journal. In our accounting consultancy in Mallorca we help you with the planning of your accounting and in the organization of the accounting.

    Request an accounting audit with one of our experts.

    Our accounting audit service in Palma de Mallorca consists of examining the accounts of your business to see how it is performing. Subsequently, we deliver to the client a series of reports and financial analysis where you can see if the company is following the right path or if any corrections should be made.

    Preparation and monitoring of budget controls

    In order to balance the income and expense account, our accounting consultants have a series of actions, controls and tools that facilitate the control of your company's budget.

    Daily monitoring of cost accounting

    In our accounting consultancy in Mallorca we share with the client a series of tools or techniques that we use to analyze even the smallest detail about the distribution and behavior of the income and expenses of your business. Access all the accounting data validated by our professionals at any time and from any device with Confialia Connect.

    Cost accounting.

    At Confialia, we believe that establishing an information system that allows our client to know the cost of the products manufactured is an indispensable part of analytical accounting. Upload your invoices in our online platform to keep track of them on a daily basis.

    Delinquent postings.

    Sometimes, our accounting advisors must verify that your company's accounting is in order and, if it is not, we solve all the incidences so as not to harm your business and your economy. We perform the update of overdue accounts and bring your business up to date.

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      The best accounting consultancy for companies in Mallorca

      Our accounting consultancy in Palma de Mallorca has more than 25 years of experience advising and accompanying companies of all types and sizes. Our multidisciplinary team of accountants, tax experts and economists allow us to offer a comprehensive service that meets all the needs of our client.

      We take care of the accounting of companies in Palma de Mallorca.

      Always after an initial meeting to get to know the client and their needs, we assemble a personalized service that meets their needs. Among our accounting consultancy services for companies in Mallorca are the following:

      • Invoicing and accounting
      • Preparation of monthly balance sheets
      • Filing of annual accounts with the Mercantile Registry
      • Analysis of accounting data

      Accounting consultancy for microenterprises in Majorca

      If you are the owner of a small business, do not hesitate to come to our office. Our accounting consulting services are designed to accompany all types of businesses and aim to help the entrepreneur to achieve the goal he or she dreams of.

      Are you looking for an accounting consultancy for freelancers in Palma de Mallorca?

      The self-employed are the engine of our country. Whether or not you have employees under your charge, you will have the accounting control of your company at all times and on your cell phone. In addition, we offer a service to apply for bonuses and subsidies that may be appropriate for your business.

      Accounting consultancy for entrepreneurs in Palma de Mallorca

      Are you starting a new project and need someone to take care of the accounting of your startup? Don't worry, at Confialia we know how difficult it is to start a business from scratch. That is why our accountants in Mallorca will take care of the day to day financial management of your business so that you can take care of the day to day management and decision making.

      Accounting advice for SMEsonline

      For us it is not a problem where your company is located. We have our own development program in which you can upload your documentation and our accounting advisors will validate and update it. In this way we achieve that our client has the information updated in real time and in any device.

      Accounting consultancy for companies with fully digital services

      From the preparation of journal entries (always following the general accounting plan) to sharing a report to analyze the profitability of each of your product lines. Share your documents in our application and hold regular control meetings via video call so that location is not an impediment.

      Accounting advice for online entrepreneurs

      We provide all the facilities so that the entrepreneur does not have to be subject to a location to work with us. In our online consulting for entrepreneurs you will be able to communicate from anywhere and you will be able to do any procedure in a completely digital way.

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