Tailor-made for your business.

For professionalsfreelancers

Make your invoices, manage your collections and anticipate the payment of your taxes. Your entire company on your mobile.

For SMEscompanies

At Confialia Connect you will have your company's annual financial planning. You will know month by month if you are meeting your objectives.

For multinationalscorporate groups

With the help of our consultants, you will see deviations and variations of your companies from your planning. Take control of your company.


All your document management in your pocket.

In a simple folder manager you will be able to keep all your company's documents classified, to be consulted at any time, anywhere.

Forget about using email, hang it up on Connect.

In addition, save time by no longer renaming scanned documents to be located later. In Confialia Connect and its powerful search engine you can find the documents associated with your customer or supplier, the expense or sale and you can search for them by amount, invoice number, date, etc. And all in just one click

All accounting in realtime.

Do you wait 3 months for your advisor to tell you whether your company is making a profit or a loss? That's a thing of the past. You need to monitor your business on a daily or weekly basis, your competitors are going to do it.

In Confialia Connect you will be able to have your company's information updated on a daily basis. This information will be previously supervised by one of our advisors.

If you manage a group of companies, we can customise the reports as you wish and we can make you see them as if they were a single accounting system.

If you are a Spanish company, belonging to a multinational, and you have to adapt your reports to a specific model set by the head office, Confialia Connect is the solution.


Professional management of your business.

Confialia Connect supports you in the professional management of your company, as you can use a single platform:

Setting a goal to be achieved

Budget how the year will end; sales figures and expenses

Develop a plan of action to achieve the set objective.

Mappingout a roadmap to achieve this

Monitoring of your income and expenditure budget, comparing your ratios with those of your competitors or sector.

If necessary, you can modify the action plan so that we get as close as possible to the goal we once dreamt of and which we as entrepreneurs have the "obligation" to turn into reality.

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